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About My Kitchen 

Are you just trying to make a good healthy meal for your family and find it difficult to maintain a steady strategy to do so? Well, your not alone. Finding a way to create the ingrediants you want to include into your meal has its challenges already.

    For starters, you may have a special diet that requires you to include specific nutritents into your food or you may have a diet which includes the other, not enough proper nutrients in your food that you need for your body to function properly to reach your personal health & nutrition goals. Now, lets add to this challenge that you have 4 persons living with you that you care for and each has their own obstacle they are working on for example, weight loss, one person may have food allergies whereas their food needs to be prepared far away from the food you prepare for others, the list goes on most likely quite long. So, you can only imagine why I found it necessary to create this LaneaLiving Kitchen Art System to help my family as well as encourage others to do the same.


Kitchen Art

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