Eliminate Spiders & Insects The Most Humane Way 

Ecofriendly & Smells Nice 

Does The Trick For Us.

Every 3 Months I treat by just sprinkling outside of the house everywhere, I put in my grass, patio, everywhere I or a cat could go or that I see spider webs have been. Especially inside the enclosures. I tend to over do it by getting two bags with some left over for occasional sprinkling.

Activate by misting with water let it sit and dry mist again, the stronger smell is nothing like the toxic smell of chemical poisions found in all other treatment kinds. Then I repeat again, then you will notice the scent subsides and I leave a touch there and resume daily life. The natural rain or sprinklers may activate whatever is left here and there and in aprox week the scent should disappear. The stuff works great for us. The pets dont mind it but every 3 months when I put the initial heavier sprinkled layers of it down, the pets stay inside of course. Hope you can give this a try. Sprinkle in grass, flowerbeds everywhere even on side walk. You will get the idea.