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The Inchworm Project

Is about a girl who decides that she does not want

to spend the rest of her life worrying that she wasted her time doing other things in her life when she can still go back and re invent the things she already did.

It sounds crazy doesn’t it? Well, if you have ever gone a day in your life thinking what it would have been like if you were doing what you set out to do instead of what you are doing now, then this Inchworm project is for you.


Come discover what life can bring us when we take a look at other perspectives. Find yourself; re invent your future with me while having a good time throughout the process. Put all things aside for a while, It’s never too late to get started and you will only live to regret the things that you didn’t start.

So, take the old records off the shelf, take a notepad and a pencil and a dry erase board, come along with me and lets do the things that’s that we really want to do. There becomes a time in your life when all the things put aside, life just sort of talks with you and it is up to you to sit and listen, to stare at the endless possibilities of what you really really want inside.

I’ve already dug deep inside,it took so much time to do it but now,Will it be your turn? If not, that it is, for me it will be.


Let’s see how it all turns out. What I did then and what I do now, if somehow, I can take and make some sense of it all. Right here, right now, on this paper, on this board, let me plan it out live, by putting together my works from the past and my projects of the future.I’m drawing myself an outline of what it will be in the near to end future in my words.

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